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Bingo web design company was established in late 2010, set up by the hard work and experience of young people who love the Internet. Bingo web design company with expertise, has been providing high quality web and Internet Programming, until 2016, our company provides professional website design, online shops, web hosting and other services over a thousand customers already! Including a number oflisted companies, the University of Hong Kong and a number of educational institutions, small and medium sites included do more, welcome inquiries to understand the past, the production of the site!

Our experience and views

In our many years of experience in the design, the customer does not see a lot of awareness to design web pages. In many cases, customers only according to market trends, the parrot to design web pages. How alone a company profile page, how to bring you business, or your business will build the brand? Bingo web design services company focused on small and medium enterprises as such, our services in a pragmatic and practical, we will provide customers make different plans, building from page to online marketing, brand merchandise, step by step to start, so folding your turnover rise!


We want to be your long-term partner. > Many web design companies on the market, although advertised many years of experience, received a high price, but it is often difficult to provide only the purpose of web design, but also in much detail did not seriously, but also to make your hidden charges! We insist on providing customers with the best price, highest quality, you can work from our show, we see the works of the past, each of the ulterior motives, really just quality! We hope that you recommend a long-term cooperation relationship, rather than a one-time business!

Withlive experience and enthusiasm for your service Award-winning team of designers and programmers

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To reduce costs, many companies will recruit a part-time student with no experience web designer. > On the contrary, our web designer, program designer seniority strong. Even if the same price, our completion time, quality and design are better than other companies.

Most of our employees have obtained a Microsoft Ceritifed System Engineer(MCSE)、Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)The accreditation, professional accreditation!

professional service

  • Web Design
  • online store
  • online marketing (SEO, SEM, online advertising)
  • Design Services (graphic design, card design, etc.)
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Programming
  • Server service
  • domain name registration

我們永遠走在時代的最前線 我們的設計都是以HTML5及CSS3框架下的設計

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我們是率先使用HTML5及CSS3為您設計網頁。現時,最常見的瀏覽器Chrome, IE及FireFox都統採用HTML5及CSS3,這項新技術使網頁變得更靈活輕巧和多變,而且能讓不同系統上都能瀏覽到最佳效果,例如手機及平板電腦。

  • 我們能設計合適市面所有瀏覽器的網頁
  • 能為手提電話及平板電腦設計網頁
  • 以HTML5設計動畫
  • 將影片轉為HTML5格式


同樣的網頁,我們做得更快。市面上的web design公司多重於銷售,而不是工作;他們的銷售團隊往往比設計團隊來得強大。但我們公司是以設計、程式見稱,我們的團隊是行內領先的!我們從設計草圖到網頁完成最快只需要五天!


長達十二個月的售後支援服務。大部份web design公司在合約都會列明,網頁只會在完成後的一個星期提供售後支援服務,為您處理網頁上的問題,但往往這一個星期都不足以把網頁改好,之後的,就是他們隱藏收費的「商機」。而我們提供長達十二個月的售後支援服務,即使您對網頁有任何疑問,隨時撥我們的電話,我們都會為您提供支援服務,絕無隱藏收費!


  1. 電話會議或客戶面議
  2. 了解客戶的需要以及提供我們專業的意見
  3. 繳付網頁訂金
  4. 設計師為客戶製作網頁草稿
  5. 客戶確定網頁草圖
  6. 完成網頁
  7. 與客戶作出不同的修定和完善
  8. 繳付餘額和結束個案,網站正式上線

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